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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Live Nativity

Since the nursery school is part of a church, Christmas is very important to us. We are always sure to stress that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. We talk about Mary, Joseph, the beautiful star, angels, wise men, shepherds, and the stable. Our room is full of Nativity scenes. Jesus' love is all around us. Plus with a stained glass window like the one below, HE is always watching over us. This window is no smaller than 8-10 feet high. It's quite a window.

This year the church had a Live Nativity. They had never had it before so I was anxious to see it. They held it last night. It was really very nice. If anyone in the area got to experience I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I hope they are able to share this experience with the community every year.

As you enter you are sent to your "shepherd" who will take you on your journey to the stable. The shepherd shares the story of Jesus as you travel.

Our first stop was the stable with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and live animals. After the reading you were invited to pet the animals and enjoy the area. They had the cutest little donkey and alpaca there--adorable.

After visiting the stable you go out to the "fields" with the shepherds as the angels came to bring the good news of Jesus' birth. They did a wonderful job illuminating the area for the angels.

Finally, you head over to a reading from the Bible of Jesus' birth.

It was really a beautiful evening. It didn't take too long so it held the children's attention. It was chilly, but the flier said it was outside and to dress for the weather. But, they had yummy hot chocolate and cookies for all to enjoy after our journey.

Thank you Cedarville for allowing us to enjoy this beautiful Christmas experience.

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Brimful Curiosities said...

Wow, that's quite a Nativity. We also saw a live Nativity this year, but it wasn't as large scale. The kids loved the donkey and they got to pet the sheep.

Lorena said...

Lovely pictures!!!

Maggie said...

This is really a very nice way to celebrate nativity and of letting the younger kids know, feel and understand the right meaning of such an important holiday for all Christians.