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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going Green

Our color for last week was green, which of course we had fun with.

The first green page for our book, the painting page, involved painting an evergreen tree. The twist, we painted the tree using a piece of evergreen tree. Some children were very patient with this technique. The evergreen piece was a bit stiff, so it didn't bend or paint as well. If the children were adventurous they really held the "brush" and got that paint on the tree. Some of the more timid children brushed the "brush" back and forth which didn't paint as well. I still think it's fun to try painting with different "brushes."

Our second page was to put some green stickers on a frog. I know it's an easy activity, but it is good for fine motor.

The biggest green experience for the week involved ice cubes. We talk about having to mix the colors blue and yellow to get the color green. To help show this, I brought in blue and yellow ice cubes. I put them in a tub and the children can watch them melt and make green water. (It was funny to see the difference of this year's class compared to last year's class. Last year the children loved to play with the ice cubes as they melted. This year I had a couple of them touch them, but they seemed more content to watch.

One more color and we can get the books ready to go home.

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Jada Rocks said...

Love the ice cube melt! Great idea:)

Forest Rose