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Friday, November 26, 2010

What 'ch Doin'?

I don't know if you've ever heard that title spoken before. If you have, then your family is an avid viewer of Phineas and Ferb. If you have not heard it before, it is from a cartoon on the Disney Channel called Phineas and Ferb.

Anyway, why am I using that as my title? Well, as many of you know I have been sharing experiences of my preschool life with you for a little over two years now. I have been sharing my classroom experiences, crafts, and odds and ends I come across.

I have started to feel like a bit of a parrot. Since I teach new three-year-olds every year, my projects and school life every year are very similar. If I find something new and practice something new I share that also, but there are many things that are the same from year to year.

My old brain is starting to be filled with spider webs in the "New" category. It doesn't seem like time or creativeness come easily any more.

I would love to continue my blog as I love to hear from everyone, see the wonderful creations of all those around, and I also love sharing fun things we do, but I really would like to add some new material.

Here is an idea I thought of. I was wondering if anyone out there in cyberworld would like me to share something with readers. Do you have a preschool craft you think people would love? Is it an easy recipe that young children could make? Or, is a fun science project, etc?....

Maybe you don't have a blog, or maybe you would like your blog to be recognized. I would love to share readers' ideas, of course giving you the credit. If you would like to share an idea, I would need you to send all the information to Then here is what I would like to happen:

I would take your idea and create it here at home so that I can take pictures to share with the readers.

I would let you know that I have tried your project and am going to post it.

I would then post the idea with your name and a link to your website if you have one.

If you have read my posts, you know that I focus on projects that preschoolers can do and that are usually made with materials that are handy or easily found.

Also, if you have a question you would like me to answer, please feel free to ask. I'm sure if you have a question about a certain issue, many other's may be interested in it also. Of course, please remember my answer will be my opinion, or how something worked best for "Me". I'll help if I can.

I hope people will be open to this concept. I would love to add some new material that would be fun and interesting. I thank you in advance and hope to hear from you.

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Joyful Mommy said...

Just started following your blog and am really enjoying it. I'm an Infant Development Consultant just discovering the joy of blogging. Hope you'll stop by for a visit...

Rachelle said...

I am not sure if these are age appropriate for preschoolers... but when I volunteer to do microbiology/ science related projects, these are 2 of my favorites:

1) take a packet of instant yeast & put it in 2 different water bottles (one w/ just warm water, the other with warm water and a sugar packet). Put a balloon on top of the water bottle. The bottle w/ the yeast and sugar will eventually have an inflated balloon b/c the yeast is eating the sugar and producing carbon dioxide as a by product thus blowing up the balloon. I usually describe this as the yeast belching and farting and this sends the kids into fits of laughter ;-)

2) It is messy, but kinda neat, measuring lung capacity through water displacement. Take a tub (like a portable dishwashing tub) and fill it half way with water. Fill a gallon milk jug w/ water, and invert over the tub (with the mouth down into the tub of water to prevent leakage). Get some long straws and put them into the milk jug hole under the water. Have a youngster take a BIG breathe and blow out through the straw (the air will push water out of the milk jug and into the tub creating an air pocket inside the milk jug). The water displaced is the child's lung capacity (or at least the volume of air he/she blew out).

Keri said...

i LOVE your blog! i am going to use a ton of your christmas activities this year- i esp love the reindeer food! :) so cute! and i wish i had seen your dino camp stuff BEFORE i had done my big unit with my daughter on dinos. i will have to revisit that theme again! you are so creative, i just wanted to let you know!

Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

This is a great idea! I better get busy with some projects. :)

kdm said...

I am a mom of a 2yr old girl.Just fell in love with your blog,I have added it on my favourite list.

A small gift to all kids

Hope they would love it.