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Monday, November 29, 2010

Bottle Cap Creations

I thank those that have sent in some great ideas. I will try to get to them and post them as time allows. I received a few suggestions from Gisele whose blog is entitled Kids Indoors. Gisele is a stay at home mom with two young children. She lives in Brazil and has some great ideas. Her first idea has inspired me to add a twist to my room. Gisele's blog is not in English, but was very easy to translate.

When I received Gisele's email it said; drawing with bottle caps. Well, my mind had a whole bunch of ideas going around it. Then I visited her post and it was something totally different than what a thought. But--WOW-- what an idea.

The first part of this activity is to collect bottle caps--lots, and lots, and lots of bottle caps. Give them a good washing. Then give them to the children. See what they create. I thought it looked like great fun.

You have to head on over to Gisele's site to see what her children created. They did a wonderful job.

Here is an inexpensive manipulative, that you can have parents help you collect, that can provide so much creativity and fun.

I thank Gisele, and be sure to look for more ideas from her as she has sent me others I haven't gotten to yet.

Thanks Gisele!!!

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1 comment:

Vancouver WA Preschool said...

It may take a while to start collecting the bottle caps, but it sounds like a fun idea.