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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beautiful Brown

In all your life did you ever think the color brown would be described as beautiful? I have to say it's not the first adjective that comes to mind for me either. But, we had so much fun with brown this week that I thought "beautiful" was appropriate.

We were so busy with brown activities that Thanksgiving activities took a back seat to our brown fun.

For our color books we painted a brown acorn. This week we used feathers to paint the brown. I thought since Thanksgiving was upon us, a feather would be appropriate. Our second page was to give Spot the dog some brown spots.

The real fun came with our extra brown activities. A new one I introduced last year was fun for me, but I'm not sure for the children. It's a sensory activity--"worms in mud." It's not really worms in mud. I make some spaghetti and add finger paint and then let them play in it. It is amazing to me that many of them actually think the spaghetti is worms and don't want to play in it. For the activity I show the children the cooked spaghetti that I made at home. I pour the spaghetti into our water table and add some brown finger paint. I then mix it all together with my hands so that they can see it's not really worms. Maybe it just looks to real too them.

I added an extra step this year, if anyone wanted to participate--using the "brown worms" to make a picture. If the children wanted, I got them a piece of paper and they piled up some brown worms on the paper, we poured the worms off and had a beautiful creation.

Our second activity was to make chocolate pudding. They had a lot of fun with this too. We poured and mixed and filled our bellies. One aspect that I was letting them do, was to serve themselves and clean up after themselves. They did well with it, but some weren't too sure about it. They would sit at the table and wait. I told them to go ahead and fill their bowl and they would look at me like, "Really?"

We had a great time with our color this week. If only I could come up with things like this every week.

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MamaBearCubHouse said...

busted, at first glance i thought those were worms too!

great activites. i like how hands-on they are!

glad you're back!


Elli Davis said...

Well, brown sure seems beautiful to me. I mean, it is pretty decent and matches well with other colors. But yeah, I guess it is not the most popular among kids. I have to say that I admire what you did with them, none of these activities would ever come to my mind. Hats off!