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Friday, October 29, 2010

"Woo, the Not-So-Scary Ghost"

Did you ever read this story? It's very cute. It's about a little ghost that is weary of scaring people. He gets into a few predicaments before he finds his voice. (It's funny one of the things that happens to him is that he gets hung on a clothesline to dry. The children didn't know where he was. I think I'm one of the few that still hangs my wash.)

Anyway, the Pre-K teacher had the cutest ghost out yesterday and it made me think of this story. I thought the ghost would be a great addition to the story.

To make the ghost you will need:

a white paper bag
arms cut from white paper

He is really easy to put together. The first thing to do is to fray the bottom(or top) of the paper bag. I thought the children could just cut slits, or you will see this ghost has a jagged cut bottom.

Now take a black marker and draw a spooky face. Crumble some newspaper and stuff it into the bag. Put in a few staples so that the newspaper will stay in the bag when it upside down. Finally take two cut out arms and staple them to a crease in the side of the bag.

I thought it would be neat to maybe feed a string in the top and hand the ghost. Happy Halloween.

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