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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Special Guests

We are very lucky to have a couple of parents in our class that our emergency personnel. They visited us today and brought an ambulance for us to explore. I thank Mr. and Mrs. Long from the bottom of my heart. The children had a great time and I think the experience was invaluable.

The first thing Mr. & Mrs. Long did was to bring in some equipment and show it to the children. But, not only did they show it to them, they allowed them to touch it, hear it, and see it in action. The got to see and feel an oxygen mask, they had their heart rate taken using the machine you clip to a finger, they wore a blood pressure cuff, and they even got to see Mrs. Nodolski hooked up to the heart monitor--sorry no pictures:).

When they were finished with that, Mrs. Long took some time and dressed in all her firefighter gear, including the mask, so that the children could see what a firefighter in full uniform would look and sound like.

Finally we headed outside where an ambulance was waiting. Mr. Long turned the lights on for us. Then the children got to go inside and take a look around. They sat in some seats, saw the bed, played with some gloves, and a really cold ice pack.

I loved how hands on the presentation was. It allowed the children to get up close and personal so that they wouldn't be afraid. I thank them again for taking the time to bring us an enjoyable experience.

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1 comment:

MamaBearsCubhouse said...

wonderful! allowing to be so hands-on is such a treat and a fun way to retain what they learned! kudos to all involved!