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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Painting With Acorns and Walnuts

Painting with acorns and walnuts? Are you crazy? I think that's what the kids thought when I told them what we were going to be doing. The laughed and thought, "Okay, time to call the guys with the white coats." But, the joke was on them. We really did paint with acorns and walnuts.

For orange week I had usually painted our pumpkins using the marble painting technique. When I was out for a walk one day I saw all these walnuts and acorns laying on the ground. I thought since we were also talking about fall, maybe it would be fun to try and use these nuts like marble painting.

So I collected some, we put them in orange paint, spooned some onto our pumpkin picture, put the lid on the box, and shook it up. It worked pretty well and the children were so excited when they opened the box and saw their pumpkin had turned orange.

I have to say the walnuts worked great! The acorns on the other hand didn't move so well. I'm not sure if it is because they are not quite as heavy as the walnut and with the paint on them it made them hard to move, but when we put the acorns in they shifted a bit to the left or right, but they stayed relatively in the same place. They still made some marks though.

So, our pumpkins are drying--maybe for the next few days-but we had fun with our new adventure in painting.

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CountryFunMaine said...

It was fun to see you posting about painting with acorns. Last week we did a painting with acorn project also which I posted on at The children enjoyed and although the acorns moved slowly, they moved for us. We added some printing with the caps. Think that was the most fun.