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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Enjoying Yellow

Last week our color was the color yellow--one of my favorite! We associate yellow with the big bright sun, right? So, of course, we were on like our fifth day of rain. Oh well. That beautiful sun did decide to come out on Thursday though, which was great for our nature hike.

Our painting for the color yellow was roller painting a yellow sun. I think the children enjoy painting in different ways. The second page of the color book was manipulating those little yellow stickers to make some tropical fish. We made our yummy yellow bus too, which I think is the highlight of our yellow fun. Who can resist icing at 10:00 in the morning?

We also finished our family tree page for the children's ME BOOKS last week. I have the children bring in pictures of their family. We draw a tree using the children's arms as the trunk, they glue the pictures to the tree, and then we mark the names of the people in their family.

The best day of the week--for me--was our nature hike on Thursday. We had gotten so many days of rain I was afraid we wouldn't be able to go. But, the sun was out and it was bright and beautiful. The park that we go to, Riverfront Park, in Pottstown, has a wonderful paved path so I didn't think we had to worry about muddy areas. Well, we had gotten so much rain that we hit one part of the path that looked like a pool. We actually were able to find a feasible was around the pool and continue on our way. The parents were great helping to make this trip joyful.

We finished the day off by enjoying snack at the picnic tables. I think it was just joyful for everyone to be able to be outside after such a long bout of rain.

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Corrina said...

We have color days too.

Stephanie said...

I am a mother of a kindergarten pupil and this is an amazing work or strategy. I love it. I will definitely share this read to their teacher especially so that she is just new from the school. I think color day rocks. I hope you don't mind if we copy it.