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Monday, October 4, 2010

Anything Else From Last Week?

Why, I am so glad you asked! While we were very busy having lots of fun with our apple projects, we still had some time for other happenings.

First of all we started our color books. The first color for our book was RED. We painted a red apple at the easel, and then we did a sticker page to make an apple tree. We found red items in the room and we all wore red to school.

We also started our ME BOOKS this week. The first page in the Me Book is our "weigh and measure page." We weigh and measure the children and record it with the date. We also trace their hand and foot. In May we will do this again and see how much our little ones have grown during the year.

The second page of the me book is a "Favorite Things" page. I have a table full of pictures of many different items: toys, animals, foods, plants, etc. The children pick pictures from the table and glue them onto a piece of paper. This page is "A Few of Their Favorite Things.

We'll add one more page this week to finish out our Me Theme--then dive into Fall.

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