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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome School!

Our Pre-K students started their new year last week. I got to meet all my new "little learners" on Thursday night. I am always so amazed the last few years how well the children do meeting the new teachers for the first time. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year.

Our Meet the Teacher night always involves a little scavenger hunt for our newcomers. It helps to get the children take a walk around the room and see where everything is. The parents get to go with them, so everyone is getting a big overview of the room. And, of course, we have to make sure we know where the "potty" is.

At each stop along the scavenger hunt the children put little teddy bear stickers next to the picture of the place they found. When they are done, they come back to me, we count the bears together, and then they get to pick a snack to take home with them.

The families are allowed to stay and play for the full half hour time, or if they have to go they are welcome to also. I will say that most families stay the full half hour. It's a nice time to get to meet the new families joining our school, and reconnect with returning families.

I hope everyone's school year starts out wonderful.

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*Nikki* said...

hope you have a great year...