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Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Interactive Board

I have never made an interactive board in September before. Usually September is gone in a blink of an eye and you don't have much time to get the children used to the idea. This year I thought that since we have been doing interactive boards for a couple of years, the Pre-K class might already know what's going on.

I made something very easy to go with our ME unit. I had gotten a pad of face patterns from Discount School Supply. I staple letters to the board saying, "Here we are...". Then I stapled up the face patterns. I have a supply of magic markers so that the children can draw faces and hair on the patterns to make pictures of children at school.

I drew the first face to give them an idea. The three-year-olds were doing some with me the other day so we have lots of "decorated" face patterns. They may not look exactly like a face, but they tried their best.

In case you are wondering about other boards we have had over the years, here are the links:

Have a good week.

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Unknown said...

Love your interactive boards! I would love to do these, but just have to get creative with some wall space. :)

Miller Moments said...

What a super fun idea! p