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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celebrating "Us"

As the school year begins we start with a Me unit. We talk about likes and differences between people. We compare hair color, eye color, skin color, etc. We talk about what makes us special.

To celebrate this unit I decided to do an US Mural this year. On Tuesday it was background day. I put out a large piece of paper and some paint, and let the children paint it any way they wished. (Just really having fun with paint.) And, yes, I did come home with paint on my clothes--I just don't understand how that ALWAYS happens.

On Thursday we are going to add everyone and hang the mural on the wall.

I also had bought a new little manipulative for this unit. I found them at discount school supply. The kids loved them. They are like paper dolls. There are body shapes and lots and lots of different "outfits" for the children to put them in. They also have to add a face. Some of they had a ball with this. I think two or three people went home with them. I was hoping by putting out this activity, when we do our people on the mural Thursday, the children will have a better idea of what to include to finish their person--eyes, mouth, hair, clothes, etc. We'll see.

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