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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Apple a Day

We are having fun with apples this week. I always incorporate apples when we do the color red. Mostly because an apple always comes up when you talk about things that are red.

We take it a step further though and discuss that apples can be different colors. I would love to take the children to an apple orchard one year and see the apples growing on the trees, picking them, and tasting them. I, of course, thought of this too late this year, but it is on the agenda for next year, I just hope I can find an orchard that will allow us to come.

Last year I had the children do a cooperative apple project that involved paper tearing--a skill I try to incorporate occasionally. We then hung the apple up to decorate our room. This year, since we did a cooperative project with our mural I did a more individual project, paper plate apples. We were actually doing quite a bit on Tuesday. I had the activity at the craft table and they could make one if they wanted.

You will need:

Small paper plate
green leaf shapes
colored squares

I let the children make apples with the small paper plates. It's an extremely easy project so they can complete it themselves.

On the table I had different colored tissue paper squares; red, green, and yellow. I also had glue sticks, the paper plates, and green leaves cut from construction paper.

The children put glue all over their paper plate then covered the glue with the colored squares. Some of them made an apple all one color, while others mixed and matched. The finishing touch was to add the leaves--like it was just picked from the tree. We hung them on the wall and they look great.

The book we read was a great book that they enjoyed more than I thought they would. It is called, "I am an Apple," by Jean Marzollo. It take the children on a journey from apple blossom, to apple, to applesauce, to seeds, and back to the apple tree. We have this book as a Big Book and the pictures are so colorful. The children loved to find the different "creatures" on each page.

Just wait and see what tasty activity we have for Thursday!

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