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Friday, August 6, 2010

Creations With Colored Sand

Last night I decided to experiment with our play sand to see if we could make some colored sand creations with it. We did and had a good time too. There is definitely the possibility for some mess with this, but go ahead and have a good time with it.

The first step was to make the different colored sand. You will need:

play sand
plastic bags
food color
place for drying

Pour some sand into a plastic bag, then add the color of your choice. Mix the sand and the food coloring together and you have a beautiful new color of sand.

Pour the sand on to something flat and let it lay out to dry a bit. (Here is where my little guy got quite colorful. We poured the sand out and he flattened it out with his hand, hence the colored hand.)

After the sand has dried, it's time to get creative. You can do anything you want with this sand. If you have a nice little vase or glass jar you can fill it with the different colors to make a nice little accent piece.

We decided to create some works of art. We each got a piece of paper, some glue, and a paint brush. (I like to use a heavier stock of paper when working with sand.)

We painted a design with the glue, then sprinkled our dry sand over it--one color at a time. (When the sand is dry the color doesn't transfer to hands as much). For example, when we wanted to use the blue sand, we painted with glue where we wanted blue, sprinkled blue sand, and shook off the excess. Then we did the same for each color.

I think they came out pretty great and we had a good time. It was also super easy. Have fun!

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Teacher Tom said...

I didn't know making colored sand was so simple. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Try Discount School Supply's Liquid Watercolor. It is AMAZING for coloring sand, wood, or noodles. Noodles do not stick together, it comes in many colors, and you can make 4 colors, start to finish, in 10 minutes. You don't have to spread them out overnight to dry. I used it on dried beans for a Jack in the Beanstalk project last year and the kids loved it. We used the colored beans for math. They have gold, and the kids chose gold beans instead of McDonald's toys from the prize box. It's a great product!