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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gift From Teacher

This past week was the last week of kindergarten for my son. I have to tell you our first experience with the Catholic School was wonderful. He had a great year and was so happy. I am so glad I made this decision. (For my new readers, we decided to send the youngest of our five to Catholic School last year. It was a decision that left me sleepless many nights. All of our other children went to public school which went very well. There were some various factors that influenced our decision, but after his successful year, I know we made the right choice.)

My son came home with a very cute end of the year present from his teacher that I just had to share with many of you out there. I thought it was very cute and something that many people might find they would like to do.

He brought home a bag with his name and a star on it. In the bag was: a deck of cards, two Laffy Taffy, a pencil, two dice, and some sidewalk chalk. Along with all the goodies came a letter explaining what each item was for. Here is the letter that was included:

Here is what it says in case you can't read it:

Summer Survival Kit

*A deck of cards: have fun practicing Math!
--practice sorting the cards by suit, color, and number
--put the cards in numerical order(forward+backward)
--play card games like Go Fish and War
--flip the cards and add/subtract them

*A pair of dice: have fun practicing Math!
--roll the dice and add the numbers together
--roll the dice, count the dots, and write the word
--roll the dice, add the dots,and record the results on a tally chart--see what number appears most often

*Sidewalk chalk: have fun Writing!
--practice writing the alphabet, numbers, sight words, and words and sentences on the driveway!

*Pencil: have fun Reading and Writing!
--use the pencil eraser as a your pointer and read, read, read!
--practice writing sight words, sentences and making books
--keep a journal
--write letters to everyone!
especially Mrs. (teacher's name and address)
--practice doing math problems (adding and subtracting)

*Laffy Taffy: have fun and laugh a lot this summer:
--make lots of memories with your family!

*Remember you are a star!
--Shine bright and always be your best!
--Jesus is your friend. He is with you always!
--Jesus loves you and so do I!

(This is a Catholic School, I'm sure you could change the star part a bit.)

I know many teachers have probably already finished up end of the year "gifts," but maybe you might like to keep the idea around for next year.

Happy Summer!

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*Nikki* said...

very cute..i will keep that in mind!!

MommyTeacher123 said...

Hmm-lots of skills for summer...but does not break the bank!Thanks for sharing!