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Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Week is Now Extinct

Our wonderful busy week has come to an end. We really, really had a great week. It was a nice group of children and we got to have so much fun during our time together.

So how do you culminate a week that has included so much fun? With something really big!! And when I say big, I mean big.
I decided on a new activity that I had never done before. I wasn't sure how it was going to work out, but it got a great reaction. We built a T-Rex out of paper plates. Not little T-Rex's for them to take home, but one big T-Rex to put on display. (Next year I think I'll make him at the beginning of the week so he can stick around.)

This was one of those cooperative projects. (If you have read before, you may remember me talking about a course that stated how beneficial it is to do cooperative activities.) We took LOTS of paper plates. The children set them out and I stapled them together. There was guidance on my part concerning the shape, or our dinosaur would have been a long snake from one end of the room to the other.

After all the plates were stapled together I gave the children squirt bottles filled with liquid watercolor. They squirted the plates to make our T-Rex really colorful. Now here are some wrinkles to work out: some children squirted constantly in the same spot making HUGE puddles; and it took quite a bit of time to dry. All in all the project went smoothly for a "fling thing."

During playtime I also had gotten dinosaur gliders from Oriental Trading that I let them put together.

Our grand finale was to "excavate" dinosaur bones outside and put them together to make a dinosaur skeleton. This excavation is so exciting to the children. I think they think they are building a real dinosaur using real dinosaur bones. (Click here to see where the bones came from).

I thank you for "joining" us on our expedition to prehistoric times this past week. I hope all the children had as much fun as I did. May they all enjoy their summer.

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Jardim de Infância do Coto said...

O vosso projecto de dinossauros está espectacular!
Parabéns pelo blog que tem actividades muito interessantes.

mamabearcubhouse said...

woohoo hoo hoo hoo:)
i wanna be a kid in your that okay?