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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Body Belongs to Me

I recently received an email from Jill Starishevsky. Ms. Starishevsky in an Assistant District Attorney in New York. She has recently written a book titled, " My Body Belongs to Me." This book is a very basic book for young children on a subject that many adults or parents have trouble approaching. Her book focuses on child sexual abuse prevention. She gave a wonderful interview on ABC news. I have included the link so that you may watch it:

I thought this may be helpful if there is anyone out there looking for resources on the subject. I personally have not gotten the book yet, but I hope to.

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Lacey said...

Thank you so much!

mamabearscubhouse said...

wow! i stumble all over that subject all the time. but i have said what is okay and what is not. however, i think a book or two, explaining it, would reinforce it and drive the point home. very good info. tough subject. thank you for sharing.

emlidna melaind darn melinda! lol

Jen said...

That looks like a great resource. I actually had an uncomfortable situation this year with my 8 year old. A little girl confided in her at school. Caught me off guard for sure and discussed with guidance counselor. I'll have to take a look at the link.

Elizabeth said...

This is a great help! I had an odd moment at the pool a couple of weeks ago where a 6 year old girl told my 3 year old son she wanted to watch him go potty. I then realized I need to figure out how to teach my son a little bit about what is/isn't appropriate with his body. Thanks for the resource!