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Monday, June 7, 2010

Dinosaurs Everywhere--Yes, Everywhere!

As some of you know, I teach our Dinosaur Camp every year. I actually love doing the camp right after school as many of our regular children return and they are always so excited to come back after a couple of weeks off.

I will say I do lots of the same things every year, but always try to add some new fun. Our first day is a bit of a "getting to know what's going on day." It doesn't mean we're not busy though. It's a great group of children and we had a wonderful day.

Today we discussed meat eaters and plant eaters--or as my genius class was quick to point out--herbivores and carnivores--come on Mrs. Nodolski--catch up! We looked at the differences of the two types of dinosaurs teeth and claws, then we made dinosaur fossil footprints in white Play-Doh. This is one of those activities that are super easy, but the kids LOVE it. They are amazed at the footprints in the dough. These will take a couple of days to dry and then we send them home.

I spent my budget at Oriental Trading this year getting lots of fun dinosaur stuff. My favorite is a dinosaur poster with a cut out for the children to put their faces in. I am going to get all of their pictures and then send one home as a keepsake. The children just enjoyed the big dinosaur picture in the room.

Our other project for the day was to paint some dinosaur sun catchers which I also purchased from Oriental Trading. These were easy, but you also get a big reaction from them.

Another fun item I got were foam dinosaur masks. They loved wearing them, but there are some strings I have to go back and reattach.

My on-going project this week is to make a "dinosaur world" with some volcanoes in it. I got a big square container and taped five baby food jars to the bottom of it. I gave the children Play-Doh and told them that we are going to cover everything with the Play-Doh to make dinosaur land, then when it it finished we will make the volcanoes erupt---ooooo--lots of fun.

I'm looking forward to lots more fun tomorrow!

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1 comment:

Jen said...

Oh the dino footprints- so cute and I think the suncatchers are great.

Have fun at camp!! :)