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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Getting Close!

Well, we are coming down to the wire. (Whatever that means? Where did that saying come from anyway? I have to admit knowing the origins of common phrases fascinates me.) Now that I'm off track, back to the present.

As of Tuesday, I only had three more days of classes left. It's time to make sure we get all the "important" stuff done, and make sure everything goes home with the right person. I took yesterday to try and finish up the Me Books.

The book is almost complete, except for a couple of pages. First, if you remember, in September we weighed and measured all the children for the "Who Am I" theme. In May we always weigh and measure the children again so they can see how big they have gotten during the course of the school year. I myself am always amazed that each child averages between 1 1/2 - 2 inches of growth. Not to mention their intellectual growth:).

Next is to allow the children to write their name the final time on the "Here is My Name" page. I just let the children write their name to the best of their ability--no coaching on my part. I was amazed at how well they did. And here I thought I had laxed off in this area this year.

Finally, the last page to add is a picture page. We take photographs during the course of the year and keep photo albums to share with families. At the end of the year I separate all the photographs and tape them into the children's Me Books. I always think this is such a wonderful keepsake for them.

I just have to finish the cover and staple them together and off they go!

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Jen said...

They look awesome! My mom saved a similar book of mine from 30 or so years ago- such a great keepsake.

Speech Therapy said...

I just love how kids count in halves :-)

Kelly said...

How wonderful! I know parents will love these!

Jen said...

Smething sweet for u over at Creative and Curious Kids!