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Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Interview With Me?

Hi everyone. I just wanted to drop a quick note that Carly over at Early Childhood Resources recently posted an interview she had with me. If you think it may be interesting, pop on over to take a read. Carly has a great site too. Lots of wonderful information from Australia. Thanks so much Carly for thinking me worthy!

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The Activity Mom said...

Ok I'm popping over!

Teacher Tom said...

What an informative interview. I share so many of your opinions.

When I first started thinking about blogs, yours was one of the first I began reading on a regular basis. I've learned a lot just by following you! Thanks!

Jen said...

What a great interview and how sweet of you to mention my blog! :)

Bargains for Mummy said...

wow...what a detailed your fun work..

Bargains for mummy

Miss Carly said...

Thanks Trish!

Glad you liked it!