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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Honoring Mom

Today is the day. That wonderful day when all Moms are honored for the great job they do all year. I would like to extend a very Happy Mother's Day to the Moms out there.

I never did get to post about what we did for our Mother's Day activities. If you read last year, you may remember that the children give their moms the zinnia plants we planted. All the children take their plants and put them into a pretty paper bag.

I then have them all make a card too. The card is a little tea cup. They write their names on the card, color it, and cut it out. The final piece to the card is to add an herbal tea bag inside the cup for mom to have that special "relaxation" time. This year I had apple cinnamon tea bags and orange spice--the apple tea bag was a favorite.

The Pre-K class did a "play" on the tea cup card that I thought was super cute. Mrs. A. cut out the children's hands, glued them like a tea cup, and placed a tea bag in it. There was one little catch. Some of the children's hands were tiny and she had to finagle a way to get the tea bag inside. She had placed the tea cup handprint next to a beautiful poem, but I forgot to write it down. Sorry.

I put together a little sample, just what I was thinking.

You will need:

construction paper
tea bag (probably one you can fold to put into the hand)
small paper plate
hot glue gun

Trace a child's hand on a folded piece of paper, then let them cut it out if they are able, or you can cut it for them. You are cutting on a folded piece so that you can get two handprints.

At this time I would probably let the children decorate the hands with markers, to make the teacup fancy. They only have to decorate one, but they can have a ball with both.

The next part you may need to do. Cut an straight edge off of the paper plate. Put a strip of hot glue on the paper, and glue the piece of plate down like the saucer to the teacup. If you wish, you can cut the plate and let the children decorate it before it gets glued to the paper. (I recommend using a glue gun as I tried glue and tacky first and it didn't hold as well).

Finally, let the children put glue all over one of the hands and glue it to the paper. Now put glue around the edge of the hand on the paper and lay the other hand on top. DO NOT put glue on the upper part of the hand because you need an opening for the tea bag. After everything is glued together, slide a tea bag inside.

I wrote, "To a "tearrific" Mom. Happy Mother's Day!" ( I know it's corny:). Then they can sign it.

I know this is late for this year, but maybe next year. Again--HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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Edie Mindell said...

Hi. You are amazing! You are very good in crafts and arts, and I know you have helped a lot of children spark their imagination on arts and crafts. Congrats and Happy Mother's Day.

Ridhimma said...

The way the school celebrated Mother's day was really.Here the teachers so cutely taught the kids the importance of mothers and their love.But the best part was the idea of inculcating the importance of mothers day while teaching them art and craft.

Jen said...

Awww! So sweet! Us Mom's love our homemade gifts the kids do in school. Hope u enjoyed your special day with your family!