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Friday, May 21, 2010

Focus on the "Right"

Our oldest son graduated from college last week--imagine that. He recently wrote us a thank you note that got me thinking and I just wanted to share.

Many of us as parents look back on things we did and think, "Why did I do that?", "Why didn't I do this?", "I should have done this, or that," etc. So many times we focus on all things we forget to do, or should have done, or wish we had done, or did wrong. Or, we focus on the things we wish we hadn't done. We spend a lot of our time focusing on our regrets.

I will tell you that I even tend to do it with school--"Why didn't I do this with them, or that with them?" When in fact they are perfectly happy with what I actually did get to do with them.
My son's note reminded me that we did "okay." That he grew up well, and he is happy with us.

When in doubt, take a few moments and look at it "on the flip side." Instead of what thinking what could I have done, think what good did I actually do.

Have a good day!

Good luck J and we are very proud of you!

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Barbra The Bloggess said...

Congratulations! To both of you actually. I find myself going that route of regret and I have to catch myself. I'd rather form good habits of thinking.
Looks like your son can appreciate that, too. Graduating is something you don't do on your own-There are so many people to thank along the way.
Great post!

mamabearscubhouse said...

wow! great post! you are so right, parents need to think of the positive, the love and effort..
thank you for that!
congrats on your handsome son's graduation!

thanks again, Trish!


Meadow said...

Was randomly browsing from blog to blog and found your blog. Good point about not focusing on regrets.