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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

They're Growing

I just wanted to pass on a quick update about our plants. The children were most excited about our beans. Yes, they are growing and they are actually the tallest of all the plants. We have a total of 11 bean pots. Two of them were really big, while, some were about one inch tall, and some are just sprouting out. It was neat to be able to show the children the different stages of the growth. They could even see the roots really well.

The zinnias are doing well. They are still just tiny little sprouts. We have a few that haven't popped out yet--I hope they do soon. When the children watered them, they were concerned if their cup didn't have any sprouts.

Finally, the sponges had different types of growth. To my surprise, NONE of the grass seed has grown. I am thinking maybe it's a bad batch of seed(I have had it at home for while). The bird seed was a bit more zealous. None of the seed has come out on the foamy sponges, but there are sprouts on the sea sponge, and cleaning type sponge. There are even sprouts laying in the bottom of the pan.

The whole school is having fun watching these plants grow.

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Teacher Tom said...

Sprouts really are a kind of miracle. It's so incredible to be able to share them with children. And my kids like eating them too!

Jen said...

Grow plants, grow! Oh- so much fun.

Jessica said...

I actually did an activity similar to this one with my 4 year old class. We have some of the plants growing but many are stubborn and refuse to sprout!