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Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Eggs-tra Special Week With My 3's

I know this post is a little late, and I hope you all had a most Blessed Easter with your loved ones.

Last week we devoted our time to fun with eggs. We dyed eggs, we water colored and cut, we made egg sun catchers, we made Rice Krispie Eggs, and had an egg hunt. And, yes, we did this all is two days, a total of five hours. Looks like way too much to me. They seemed quite happy, like little buzzing bees going about their business. I on the other hand needed a whole weekend to recuperate. I think I'm getting back on track.

On Tuesday we dyed our eggs. I always have the children bring two hard-boiled eggs to school. We made up the Easter egg dye, they didn't like the smell of the vinegar. They dyed their eggs the colors they would like.

I also had watercolors out this day. Along with a picture of a bunny on an egg. My intent was to have them watercolor on Tuesday if they liked, then cut the picture out on Thursday. Thursday was so crazy, I forgot to put the eggs out for cutting in the AM class. Oh well.

Thursday was the day a little too much was going on. It didn't help that my teacher's aide was away. I had a helper, but the whole experience was new to her. It was way too busy.

I had prepared a table for them to do egg sun catchers. I had cut some clear contact paper into rectangles and then also had some square tissue paper pieces on the table. The children put the tissue paper on half of the contact, we folded it over, traced an egg shape, and they cut it out. I had left half of the backing on the contact so that they didn't cover the whole piece of contact with the tissue paper. That way we could fold it over and have it stick together.

My other project was to make some Rice Krispie Easter eggs. You may have seen these advertised on TV. I thought they were cute and looked easy to make. For the most part they were easy. I did learn from the first class to wait until the marshmallow/cereal mixture cooled a little before we tried to shape them into eggs.

I had premelted the butter and the chocolate before the children arrived. Then we added in the marshmallows and watched them melt. I buttered up the children's' hands and then let them shape the cereal into eggs. I was surprised some of them didn't want to touch the mixture, and many just wanted to squish it. After the egg was shaped they dipped it in the melted chocolate and then a bowl of rainbow sprinkles.

Finally, that sneaky old Easter Bunny made a quick stop to the school and hid Easter eggs for us to find and filled our Easter baskets. We all went home full of fun and excitement.

(a slug found the pink egg before we did)

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