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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cedarville Animal Hospital

We have created a new center at school. The three-year-old class is focusing on animals right now, and the Pre-K class is discussing Community Helpers. I decided an animal hospital might be fun.

To create our hospital I asked for donations from our parents for some pets and supplies. We got lots of stuffed animals from dogs, to spiders. We also got some great veterinarian equipment from our own class mom that is a veterinarian--thanks Ms. C. We also have a nurse that donated some extra gloves and masks--thanks Mrs. S. THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!!!

I also asked people to send in some gauze, medical tape, and grooming supplies. We got some pet carriers, and even a bathtub.

I cleaned out our dramatic play area of all the dolls and many of the kitchen supplies. I then rearranged the area so we have a grooming area, a reception area, and an exam room area. The children LOVED it. I had one little girl that was so excited when she came in the room. The whole time during opening she would just say--"this is amazing," "I am so excited," etc.

We had an old computer in our attic, and I added a phone, clipboard, writing utensils, and books for our reception area.

During our playtime I think all of the children were at the animal hospital. It was so cute to see. We will probably have the animal hospital up until the end of the year as we only have about 6 classes left. Can you believe that?

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Scott said...

Looks like a lot of great fun and learning in that center. For us, sometimes "pet doctor" gets more play than "people doctor."

Jen said...

Wow! What a great area for play! Peanut loves to play animal hospital and if I'm not careful, she'll use all of my bandaids. Love to see her off of her Nintendo DS (which I have to limit!) or other electronics and just using her imagination!

Have a good day!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I always admire people who can turn the dramatic play area into cool things. Mine is almost always just a house corner. Good for you!