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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making Wind

Okay, let's all stop snickering and read that again. Oh, it says making wind, not breaking wind. (What do expect, I work with preschoolers.)

We had such a fun day today. It was extremely busy, but just as fun. We have been talking about March weather, so I planned some "lion" fun for the beginning of March. You do know what the weather was like today don't you? Yes, it was BEAUTIFUL; way more like mid-April than the beginning of March. Oh well, we still had a great time.

We focused on wind today. First we made some wind with our mouths, then moved our hands real quickly to feel wind. Then I had a place where the children could make paper fans. They decorated the fans and then we helped them fold, if they wanted us to. This was another way they could make wind.

I then got a fan from the attic and brought it down--LOTS of fun with this. I put the fan on real low. We could hear how quite it was and how soft the wind was. Then the "wind" got a little harder and louder, we could feel it more now! Finally, the highest setting, WOW was that wind loud and everything was blowing around. I tried to relate the wind from the fan to the outside wind; in that it can be soft and quite or strong and loud.

We then had fun seeing what the wind could blow. I had gathered lots of different items and we put them in front of the fan to see if the would blow away. (This activity results in many squeals of delight.) We also saw that sometimes the wind wouldn't actually blow an item away, but it could roll it away, like a piece of chalk. I had set the fan and a box of items up during playtime so the children could experiment with the items to see if they would blow away.

Our art project today was fingerpaint prints. I put some classical music on and then let the children play in the fingerpaint. Before they left the table we took a piece of paper and pressed it to their creation to make a print. Great fun, but also great mess. I think some of them actually bathed in the paint.

For the grand finale of the day--we got to go outside. Oh, what joy! And, out of 23 only one fell in the mud. (How they found mud on the blacktop is beyond me.) Oh well.

These are the kind of days that I so enjoy.

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Bible Hugger said...

this is very helpful! we are just starting weather so when i get to wind - ill def be back :)

Miller Moments said...

I love that you made wind! (not broke wind :) ) What a great idea!

Jen said...

I love seeing the education these kids are getting- great job!! It was beautiful yesterday. The girls were out with the neighborhood kids and even baby went out to visit some of the neighbors. Even though my girls are getting beyond Preschool age, I still enjoy reading your blog. Little man can do all of these fun things- someday! Can you come and teach here? He, He!!

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

I am so happy to have just found your blog! The ideas in this post will definitely get used in our home :) Thank you! I have subscribed & look forward to future posts! :)

Lori madison said...

Hi! What a lovely post. Your description of your day with the kids brought a smile to my face. I am working towards becoming a preschool teacher and reading your post reminded me of one of the reasons why I want to be one.

Rachel said...

Wind learning activities sound like a ton of fun! I know my kids love the way that the fans "bend" the sound of their voices.

Another activity (which is a huge hit with boys) is blowing up a balloon and you tie it to a car (but not so tight that air can't escape, let go of the balloon and watch the car drive. My son was fascinated by "wind propulsion". Here is our post (if my instructions don't make sense):