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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Lion and the Lamb

The beginning of March always brings us around to the saying, " like a lion and out like a lamb." Don't tell anyone, but it's been very lamb like here the last couple of days. I don't want to say that too loudly for fear that the 40 inches of snow hoax will actually be true.

Tuesday was a catch up day because we had missed a day last week, plus I had gotten behind on some other things. Today was the day that we talked about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb.

It is very helpful that our opening calendar has a lion and a lamb in the March heading. Also, I put up the first day of spring picture and that helps to split March into two sections. I can show how in the beginning of March it's cold and windy, maybe we still get snow, etc. Then when spring comes along we get longer, warmer, sunnier days and everything is peaceful like a little lamb.

Over the years I have made two different lion/lamb projects. One with handprints and one on the front and back of a paper.

I was looking to change that up this year so we made a puppet. I used two paper plates glued together and made one side a lion and one side a lamb. The kids loved it!
You will need:

2 large paper plates per puppet
tongue depressor
medium for a mane

If you have older children you can probably let them do this project from beginning to end. I was working on a time aspect so I did get the puppets ready before I went to work.

Take two paper plates and glue them together back to back, with a tongue depressor in between and sticking out of an edge. I used a glue gun for mine, but tacky, or even glue will school.

Here comes the tricky part; cutting out the eyes. I first tried it with scissors--poking a hole and then cutting circular--I wasn't too happy with the results. For the rest of the puppets I drew circles and then cut them out with a utility knife. It took a little while, but I had 24 to do.

The rest is pretty easy. Give the children the material and let them decorate one side as the lion and one side as the lamb. For the lamb, we drew a mouth and nose with a crayon, covered him with glue--be careful here you can get some big glue puddles if they don't keep the glue container in motion--then covered all the glue with cotton.

For the lion, I had originally created a mane using orange yarn. I ran out of yarn after my first class, so I used crepe paper for the second class. I was much happier with the crepe paper mane than the yarn mane. I first had the children color the middle of the plate, and add a nose, mouth, and whiskers. Then put glue around the edge and glue on the crepe paper mane. (The children were quite fascinated with the crepe paper. I never thought anything special about crepe paper before, but they wanted to know what it was and what you do with it.)

Finally when they are dry you have a room full of lions and lambs--ROAR. (Of course, lions are much louder than lambs, oops I mean fun.)

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Miller Moments said...

Love these!!!!

Deborah Stewart said...

Love it!

JavaMama said...

I love this!! We will definitely be doing this project, thanks SO much for posting! said...

These are so cute! Thanks for the great project, I'll be linking. I hope your lamb stays! We've got lion for another week or so but I'm hopeful!

Anonymous said...

There was quite a ROAR in my van on this afternoon! They loved them.
Anna's Mom

Together Time 4 Families said...

I love the idea of gluing the 2 plates together! What a great idea. Thanks - even though I am a retired teacher it's never too late to learn something new! It's a new way for me to do this with my grandchildren.

Rachel said...

Fun! I bet the kids had a blast pretending to be different animals!!