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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fruit Salad--Yummy, Yummy!

That's right. Just like the song from the Wiggles. I, of course, sung this song ALL day.

If you recall I was subbing in the Pre-K class for conferences. The first class we made some great breakfast. The other class was also talking about healthy eating habits and good food.

I have to be at work by about 8:30, and it's about 7:30. So I'm thinking it would be fun to make some good food in class, what do I have? I didn't want to do the breakfast thing again and I haven't gone shopping in like a week--cupboards are pretty bare. Then, in the refrigerator, I found a bag of apples two pears, two oranges, and some grapes! Let's do that-make fruit salad.

I had Mrs. R. cut the apples and pears into slices and peel the oranges. Then during our free time the children cut the apples, pears, and oranges into pieces and put them in a bowl. They also added some grapes. It was actually a pretty easy project. We then had some fruit salad with our snack--very refreshing.

Their teacher had given them some homework. Homework for preschool?! They had cut out pictures of their favorite foods to make a favoirte food page for their Me Book.

I always find it so much fun to add a little of the unexpected now and then. I'm sure my other teacher's can find it a bit challenging. To me, I know I did the right thing when I see the smiles on those little faces.

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Rachel said...

Yummy! We love fruit salad too! I bet the kids loved helping you make breakfast

Miller Moments said...

What a fun idea!

Marcy Fox said...

What a coincidence! We made fruit salad today!! We are singing Fruit Salad by the Wiggles and then doing a sequencing activity, putting the fruit salad together the same way as they say in the song. Fun stuff. And I can't get the song out of my head either... ;)

Anne said...

I just wanted to let you know that I saw this post this morning and have been singing this song ALL DAY LONG!!! ;)

Jen said...

My girls loved the Wiggles when they were little. It is sad to see them snub all of their old favorites- Barney, Dora, Sesame street, etc. I guess they are just growing up!

Happy March!

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