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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Fun For Pre-K

I was a substitute in the Pre-K class today. Boy, did we have some fun. Guess who came to visit? The Easter Bunny. We didn't actually get to see the Bunny, but he hid eggs for us and then filled our baskets. (This is an amazing day for the little ones. They can't quite figure out how everything happened. Thanks to all our helpful Moms!)

Before the Bunny came, we made some handprint bunnies. Oh how that paintbrush tickled! The bunnies were just adorable. This craft didn't take too long either. If you're looking for something to do with a lot of children that doesn't take much time, I would give this a try. I was able to do 13 children in about 25 minutes.

I have to tell you that these "special" days can get very "exciting" for the children, but they did really well. It was a nice day:).

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Jen said...

Here comes Peter Cottontail! Oh, how fun. The handprint bunnies turned out great. We're might do this for our Grandparent cards from the girls. Little man made a footprint card.

Enjoy this beautiful weather! (hoping it is as gorgeous in your neck of the woods!)


Miller Moments said...

Adorable! I think we might have to make these tomorrow. :)