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Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Cubbie the Cable Car"

I recently received an email from a Mr. Erik Nelson. He has created a character called "Cubbie the Cable Car. He thought readers with little ones might enjoy this clip.

"Cubbie the Cable Car" is a delightful new series set in 1890 San Francisco about a little cable car finding his way in a big cable car world. Who knows? Maybe someday Cubbie will be as popular as "Thomas the Tank Engine."

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Jen said...

very cute!

I know that my infant shouldn't be watching tv, but he's taken a liking to Elmo already! He's 3 months already- won't be long he'll be doing crafts with us. He, He. Actually, I painted his foot today for a cute Easter card. I'll post later this week!

Creative and Curious Kids!

Erik M. Nelson said...

Thanks for posting. You are so kind.

- Erik