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Monday, February 8, 2010

Running in Circles

Yes, our last shape was the circle. We immersed ourselves in circles for the week. I think the most fun for the children was making the circle in the air. We always draw the shapes in the air with our fingers, but when we do circle--it's like helicopters flying around the room.

Most of the children already knew the circle--we're still a bit hesitant on triangle though. I gave them all a circle, we sang our song, and traveled the room looking for circles. I was actually surprised that there were not as many as I thought.

Here is our song:

I'm as round as I can be,
I can be, I can be.
I'm as round as I can be,
I'm a circle.

After finding the shapes we headed over to the tables for some cutting. So here it is; the test of all our cutting practice. Can they cut the circle? To be honest it's just a little too difficult to open and shut the scissors, AND turn the paper at the same time. I will say they did a marvelous job, but Mrs. T and I did keep a sharp eye and helped with the paper turning; not for all of them, some have it down! They glued their circles and songs down for the first page of circle.

The second page was to make, hmmmm, you guessed it--a snowman. I gave the children the circles, they glued them down, and decorated their snowmen with crayons. I have to say I do this because I just love the foam snowflakes I got from Oriental Trading--I have to use them for something and they look great with our snowmen.

I had a table where they could make some circle masterpieces. I had out paper,(which I should have cut into circles, but didn't think of it in time), and many circle items from the closet: buttons, beads, stickers, and foam shapes. (Again, thought of too late, I should have brought some Cheerios from home.) I gave them glue and just let them make a "masterpiece" if they wished.

Our final circle activity was---Ring-Around-the-Rosie! Oh my gosh! This was the most exciting thing to them since--I don't know, they get excited about lots of stuff:). But, they were just ecstatic at this game. We played this and then I sent them home--Sorry Mom and Dad! I asked Mrs. T, "Wouldn't it be great to get that excited over Ring-Around-the-Rosie?" Oh, for those simple days!

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Deborah Stewart said...

Love the little song! You can really do so much with circles - one of my favorite shapes!

Liyana s said...

hello there. got your link from the mama king's blog..
i love your blog. informative and resourceful blog..