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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Breakfast for Champions

This week we have conferences for our Pre-K classes. That means I get to do some subbing in those classes.

The Pre-K classes are doing good foods. The class I was in this morning was focusing on breakfast. So what did we do? We made some breakfast of course.

I had a scrambled egg station, and a pancake section. There was also an area that they could make toast. The table was set with juice and utensils with some cereal in the center if they wanted any.

They had a ball. For time reasons, we split the class in half and one half made the scrambled egg mixture, while the other half made the pancake batter with me. Then during playtime they could make one, or both and have a great breakfast.

I had one little boy that was just so cute to watch. He had so much fun helping the other children cut their pancakes or helping them pour syrup and he just wanted to cook, cook, cook. He even loved helping to clean up the tables.

It was a very busy day, but I think one they will remember.

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Deborah J. Stewart said...

Pre-K is so much fun. I love the cooking activities!

Teacher Tom said...

I think it was Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize chemist) who said that every great chemist started by cooking with his mom.

Liyana s said... wih kids is fun

Jen said...

Looks good! We had pancakes at my mother's group(MOPS) on Tues. Choc. chip with fruit and whipped cream- not the healthiest, but oh so good! Hope all is well with you and your family!

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