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Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Wows

You know how much of the US has been in freezing mode for the last two months(I know that's an exaggeration)? Well, I decided to start my winter theme yesterday. Know what? It was 48 degrees yesterday--Beautiful! Isn't that always the way?

We started our winter theme anyway. We talked about clothes we wear in the winter, what type of weather we might see in the winter, what can we do when snow and ice are around, etc. The list goes on and on. Then, since we still had some snow on the ground, and I knew a secret ice patch, we went outside.

The first great thing, at least for the morning class--it wasn't cold enough for the afternoon class--was we got to see our breath when we blew out of our mouths. Next we went to the snow patch and picked up the snow, felt how cold it was, and watched in melt in our hot hands.

Now off to the ice patch. We discussed how the ice patch may have gotten there, and what would happen to the ice patch when the weather started to get warm. Then the teachers helped them to "ice skate" on the patch.

In the afternoon we found a big piece of ice. They all got to feel it and we put it in the sun to see what would happen to it while we played. It started to melt, but I forgot to get a picture.

Of course, since we were outside, we had to play on the playground. In the morning it was a bit cold to hold onto the swing chains and climb the metal ladders--but that didn't stop all of them. The AM class was ready to go inside. The afternoon class was a different story. By then it had warmed up really nicely so it was FUN out there!

Our craft today was to paint a snowman using Ivory Snow detergent. I love doing this, if only for how great the classroom smells. I used about 2 cups of Ivory Snow detergent and about 1/2 cup of water, then we mixed it all together.

When the children paint it on, it may not look too thick or white, but as it dries it becomes much whiter and more textured. Also, if the "paint" mixture starts to get too thick from sitting, just add a little water.

They look really great and when the children come back to school on Tuesday they will decorate them with all kids of fun "snowman stuff."

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1 comment:

Teacher Tom said...

What a full post! We had a severe winter last year, so I'm glad it's just mild and rainy so far this year.

I've never used Ivory Snow to paint. We've mixed it into a kind of dough (approx. 1/4 cu. Ivory Snow with 1 Tbls. water) and sculpted with it, but I've never thought to paint. This looks fun! Thanks.