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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jolly Old St. Nick

We had a visit from the big man himself this Thursday. That's right, Santa came to visit us. We are lucky that our community's town watch has a Santa that visits local nursery schools and daycare centers.

We don't tell the children that he is coming so it is a big surprise (I do let the parents know in case anyone might still be frightened of him). During playtime all of a sudden bells will start ringing and I have 12 little children standing there is awe. It's always a big hit. Out of my 23 children this year only two didn't want to have a special visit with Santa. I would say that is a success.

Ironically, my son came home from school this week with a St. Nicholas Day poem. It's a bit long, but I thought I would share it in case anyone was looking for some information on St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas Day Poem:

Holy St. Nicholas lived far away
Near the Aegean Sea is where Turkey did lay.
Travel back with us now to a time long ago
We will visit his country, his life we will know.

We remember this, such a holy, good man.
Be like him in charity, do all that you can.
Many miracle Nicholas hastened to do.
Helping people in need with gifts that were new.

Bishop Nicholas traveled to town,
Where the word be written, to us hand down,
During church every Sunday, we stand for the Creed.
Thank you Bishop St. Nicholas, for doing this deed.

Sailors tossed in the wind and the storms of the sea,
Saw a vision of Nicholas who guided them free.
Now patron of sailing, they remember him yet.
Many are pictures with fisherman's net.

Giving money to poor girls, so marry could they,
Made our Nicholas famous, remembered today
With in hand, soon they were wed.
"God bless you and keep you," St. Nicholas said.

Kid's in Germany, Netherlands, too.
Asks that present be given to children like you.
Their customs are different: they put out their shoes--
Filling them with toys, his coming's good news!

Here stockings are hung by the chimney with care,
In hope that St. Nicholas soon will come there.
Dressed as a bishop, or Santa, he's one and the same--
Jolly, friendly, good man, we're glad that he came.

Call him "Santa" or "saint," they both mean the same,
For his nickname is Claus, short for Nicholas' name.
Giving gifts was his custom--we still do today.
Deeds done in Jesus' name forever will stay.

Bishop Nicholas still is a hero to all.
Christmas Day, and all others we follow his call,
Bringing gifts and some joy to children in need.
Follow Nicholas today--do a good deed.

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Deborah Stewart said...

How fun for your preschoolers! Santa looks terrific!

Jen said...

Thanks for posting the poem about St. Nick. My girls will love that. I bet it was great seeing the kids so surprised to see Santa. The girls sat on Santa's lap twice this year and my 7 year old keeps asking me- can we please see the real Santa soon. She's not going for the fake beard anymore. Luckily, the real Santa is at our local mall with a real beard and calls the girls by name. They have been going since their first Christmas!

Merry Christmas!