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Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Goes Out With a Wow

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Day with all their families and friends. To continue the Christmas season I still have one more Christmas post. (I have to draw this out any way I can). Well, there are 12 days of Christmas right?

The picture at the top is of our December interactive bulletin board from this year.

Our class finished up last Thursday with a GREAT class. It was a wonderful day. Many times this last class is just chaotic. The children are excited, we're trying to make sure everything is ready to go home before break, and also, I'm hoping they are ready for their show.
This class was just heaven. (I think I learned my lesson from Tuesday). I told Mrs. T I wasn't doing anything formal. I was going to introduce some things and let them decide and that is just what I did.

I again had two crafts, but they were two crafts the children could do totally on their own, and only if they wanted to. First, I had a Santa Claus they could finish. It was just a paper with Santa's outline and the children glued on cotton, google eyes, and a red pom pom for a nose.

The other craft was a great one I found over at Creative and Curious Kids this year. I really liked it and was hoping to be able to use it this year, and I DID. (Any baby yet Jen?) The craft is a Christmas ornament made with Hershey Kisses. On the table I had cut wreath shapes from paper plates and put a string on them. The children glued on the Hershey Kisses.

I will say we used LOTS, and LOTS, and LOTS of glue. I'm pretty sure these crafts went home still dripping with glue.

You know the funny thing? Almost every child in both classes, did both crafts and we weren't behind time or rushed for anything. How did that happen?
It was so cute too, the morning class had a great time with the puppet area. They all took turns putting on a little puppet show while their friends watched. They played here for quite a while.

We finished up at 10:45, the children had their snack, family arrived, and they put on a wonderful performance for everyone. It was a wonderful day! I hope all the families had a nice day and and wonderful Christmas break. We'll see you all in 2010.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Yes, I did it. I went overboard last Tuesday,(I'm a little behind). I can just see all those teachers shaking their heads and wagging their fingers at me. Oh well--It's got to happen once in a while, right?

So here is what I did. Our last day in class was Thursday. So, we had to get the parent's Christmas gifts wrapped. I always find this task a little ho-hum, but well, it has to be done. I take a large piece of construction paper, put the gift in it, we decorate it and then the children write their name on it.

I wanted to add something fun, maybe have glitter. I also have been wanting to do the angel I posted last year, so I thought I would do that. Instead of using handprints, I used a doilie. I had the children cut out the triangle for the angel's body, cut the doilie in half for the angel's wings, glue the pieces toghether, and add a glitter halo.

The children did wonderfully, but I was EXHAUSTED! I won't do that again.

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Free Jitterbug Downloads

I just got an email from Jitterbug, which is a site with "music for hip kids." Here is the email and the place to go:

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays. It's the season for gifts and here is one from jitterbug: Free download of 7 original holiday songs from artists on jitterbug. They'll get you and the kids in the spirit of the season. Listen or download the Jitterbug holiday playlist here. We put this playlist together for DailyCandy Kids - hope you like....



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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"On Dasher, On Dancer..."

On the day we had our visit from Santa, we also did some fun reindeer activities. First we made our reindeer with handprint antlers. I always use this reindeer for our Christmas program.

I gave each of the children a piece of paper with a large triangle drawn on it and let the children cut it out. I try very hard to let them do this themselves. I had to correct some hands, but only had a couple that really needed cutting help. Even though some of them were pretty good opening and shutting the scissors, following the lines was a whole other story--notice the tape I had on the table.

We also made some reindeer food. Last year we used glitter to make this, but I had lots of comments on how the glitter could harm birds, and we should use colored sugar instead. So, this year I did use the colored sugar. It actually worked out better because we did some tasting as we made the reindeer food. I just let the children pour in the oats, add some sugar, and shake it up.

With Santa coming it turned into a very busy day--actually this whole month has been really busy. We only have one more class before Christmas break. It will be great to have some down time. I've already told Mrs. T. when we come back in January we are gearing down to a slow crawl. I think it will be good for everyone.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Color Books Go Home!

The children were so excited--they got to take their color books home today. After more than two months of working on them, this is a big day for them. Each day after we would finish a page they would always ask if they could,"take it home and show their mom?" Sorry Dad, they want to show mom first.

I will tell you every year I struggle with a cover. This year I gave them a piece of paper that said, "My Color Book." I had different color watercolors out and I let the children watercolor them however they wanted. Some colored the whole paper, some just a small area. After they were dry, I stapled them together and off they want.

I hope everyone enjoyed them!

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