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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sailing We Will Go

Thursday was Mayflower day. I read the children a rebus story of the first Thanksgiving, and then we make a Mayflower. I always write the word "Mayflower" on the children's ships after they cut them out, and they tell me, "That's not how you write my name."

Here is a cutting activity I let most of them do on their own. They each get a square with the pattern on it, and then I let them cut on the lines. I must say I am so amazed at these children's cutting skills. I have to give a big thanks to Mom and Dad for allowing these little ones to h ave scissors.

We have been doing a lot of activities that stay at school lately, so they were very excited to take these home and show Mom and Dad. They did a wonderful job.

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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

OH! I REALLY REALLY like this!!! We WILL be doing this! such great ideas!

Teacher Tom said...

It's pretty cool how they get all the shapes they need with two straight lines. I'll bet it really gives them a sense of accomplishment.

We do a lot of group art projects at our school, which of course don't go home. I agree, it's nice to send them home with something once in awhile -- an the parents like it too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this project. I like how you cut one piece of paper for all the require shapes. I also like how you wrote "Mayflower" on the ship. I think this tip gives all educators a friendly reminder that the children need to hear the word and see the word. said...

"That's not how you write my name."
That cracked me up. It's so true though. Thanks so much for a great project, I'll be linking.