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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keen on Green

I know, it's a corny title, but I was looking for a rhyme.

We did the color green at school last week and of course we had lots of fun with it!

Our color book pages consisted of painting an evergreen tree and giving a frog green spots. For the evergreen painting I thought it would be fun to paint with pieces of evergreen trees. I went out and collected some pieces of a Blue Spruce, a White Pine, and two others I don't know the names of. One branch had long needles, but they were much more coarse then a White Pine. The other tree had some nice branches. This is actually the branch used most. It was softer and was able to paint better.

I showed the children what they would be painting and said they could use whatever tree piece they would like. I passed around the different pieces so that they could feel them. The Blue Spruce was met with lots of complaints--"OUCH, it's picky!"

During painting time we found that the Blue Spruce was too difficult to paint with. The White Pine ended up like a wet noodle and wasn't too fun. The long, coarse needle tree didn't cover enough for them. So the winner was tree number four. It covered the best and was easy to work with. I must say, though you had to use a whole hand type of "brushing," so it was messy.

The second page was just to put some green dots on a frog and color him. I had the green circle stickers which they used.

Here are our pages:

Some other fun green events: I had our green rice out from last St. Patrick's Day, this was fun, but, of course, rice is everywhere.

Secondly, we talked about blue and yellow making green when mixed together. To help demonstrate this first I had given everyone color windows to show them. The next day I had brought in blue and yellow ice cubes. We put them in the water table and watched them melt during the day and make green water. The AM class watched but did not touch. The PM class was a little more adventurous and played in here a little more--ooo cold hands.

After our break we will do the color white and then make the cover. Almost time for the books to go home!

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Teacher Tom said...

You've got a lot of cool stuff here, but the thing I'm focused on are your dot stickers. I've learned the same thing. Those cheap little dot stickers are one of my favorite curriculum tools. I say, "feh!" to other stickers. These lend themselves to incredible, unexpected creativity. Thanks.

Sam said...

We some times cut those stickers in half to give another shape great for making flowers use a full one for the centre and the half stickers for the petals, heaps of creative options with the extra shape and just need to cut them in half.