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Monday, November 23, 2009

Indian Corn

I've been playing around with ideas for Indian corn that children could make to decorate a table or a wall. I thought I came up with a cute idea, but after I made it, Mrs. T. wanted to know what I wanted to do with "this palm tree." I'll let you decide.

You will need:

a toilet paper roll, or paper towel roll
fall colored construction paper, cut into strips
lots of glue
tissue paper

For my corn I used a paper towel roll, but if you would like to make smaller corn, you can use a toilet paper roll. The first step is to take one end of the roll and staple it into a triangle, or arrow head shape.

Next give the children thin strips of colored paper and let them cut them into squares, to represent the corn. I put this in a bin.

Now the messy part. Let the children paint the tube with lots of glue, it has to be really covered. If you look, you can see I actually squirted glue all over my tube, then I rubbed it around with my fingers. Whatever works best for you.

Now roll the tub in the bin with all the square pieces to cover it totally. I added some glue here and there after the first couple rolls for places that got missed.

Finally, it's time for the husk part. I used a large piece of tissue paper, I think it should have been smaller. Grab the tissue paper in the center and fold it all upward. Now let the children rip some strips, but don't tear them completely off.

Put glue inside the unstapled end of the tube and shove the tissue paper in.

You can make a few and lay them in the center of the table for a centerpiece, or combine them together and hang them. I pushed a pipe cleaner through the tube to use as a "hanger."

Good luck I hope these directions are clear. Hopefully the pictures will help.

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Anjanette said...

I love your palm tree I mean Corn... That is an excellent idea.. Something my ballerina can do at while she is at home sick.


Shady Lady said...

With a shorter husk, I think this will be awesome! I'm going to add it to our crafts for the week.

Teacher Tom said...

I think I'll try this, but let the kids decide what they've made! (Frankly, I'm getting sick of Fall themed stuff. Today we just free painted on easels. I guess I'm ready for the 4-day weekend!)

Niya said...

good idea!!
Thanks for sharing.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing

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