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Friday, November 6, 2009

"Food, Glorious Food!"

What better month to talk about good foods than the one following the big CANDY day, and the one filled with preparations of a huge yummy feast at the end of the month?

That's what we did this week. We started our good foods unit this week. I have a cute puppet named Chef Combo who always helps out with this unit. Now, I am in no way a ventriloquist, or master puppeteer, but the kids just LOVE when I bring out Chef Combo. There I am with my hand in this puppet, right next to him, moving my mouth and all, and they are in complete awe, only talking to Chef Combo--I just love it!

We talked about foods that were good for us and help us grow big and strong. We then made a food mural. I had cut some foods out and put them on the table with a large piece of paper. I also had some grocery market circulars available for the children to cut out their own pictures. I allowed them to choose what they wanted and glue them to the paper. They could do as little or as much as they liked. This was also a voluntary area, they didn't have to do any if they didn't want to.

Chef Combo visited again on Thursday and we played the Good Food, Not Good Food game. The children pulled food out a bag and put good foods by the happy face, and not good foods by the sad face.

Then came the best part--Muffin Pizzas! Who doesn't love pizza? I had brought in English muffins, sauce and cheese. Then I let them make their pizza. Some only wanted cheese, but most of them had both sauce and cheese. Then I cooked them up for snack time. Lots of saucy faces when we were done.

Now that I'm full to the brim, off to introduce Thanksgiving.

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Teacher Tom said...

There is something magical about hand puppets. I love the way kids so easily buy in to the magic and "talk to the hand." We do a similar thing with sorting food into categories (healthy vs. unhealthy, or fruit, veggie, meat, etc.).

I eat lunch with the older kids once a week. I always bring a salad. One year, all of the girls started bringing salads as well. They used apple or orange juice as a dressing. I was so proud.

Anonymous said...

WoW They let you cook in preK!?! My school district made us quit 3 years ago.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Awesome! Can I join your preK, please?

Jeanette said...

I absolutely love your ideas. I was wondering where you got your board with the happy and sad faces. That would be very useful in my classroom. Thanks!