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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outrageous Orange

Before I begin, I just wanted to take a second and say: Yes, I am still here! Life is just moving at the speed of sound here and I'm having some time management trouble. Every time I think I have everything down, something else happens. I thought I would have TONS of time when my youngest was in school all day! Can someone tell me what happened?

So this past week we were working with the color orange. Since we do the color red, followed by the color yellow, I always follow with orange, seems logical.

I had taken our bean bin and added anything orange I could find in the room. Yes, I am still picking up beans. I actually crushed one yesterday.

We began by experimenting with some color windows. I gave each child a red and a yellow color window. We put them together to see what we would get--ORANGE.

So what did we paint this week for our color book? A picture of a pumpkin of course. I had the children marble paint the pumpkin. The had so much fun scooping out marbles and shaking the box.

The second orange page was again a coloring and sticker page--all of our second pages are. We added orange stickers to fall leaves and then colored.

Here are our pages:

Halloween is right around the corner,so we incorporated a Halloween craft with the orange. What was it? Fingerpainting. We fingerpainted a piece of paper orange. I had wanted to give them a glob of red and a glob of yellow to mix and get orange. When I checked the box I thought I had lots of red fingerpaint, but it turned out I had 6 containers of orange fingerpaint and 1 container of red. I tried to do the red and yellow, but the red was a bit-aaaaa--hard. So I ended up just giving them orange paint to slosh around. They did really well. I only had one little boy that painted with one hand and covered a small portion of their paper. The rest of them dove right in. Actually, the best part was squirting the paper with water and spreading it all around!

When the paint dried I cut them out in jack-o-lantern shape and then I let them glue on pieces to add a face. We got lots of unique jack-o-lanterns with some great character.

I just wanted to share two other fun things. Check out this picnic. Yes, it did take about 15 minutes to clean everything up, but boy did we eat well.

Also, I got out the pattern blocks today and they were a HUGE hit. They really did well too. I thought some of the patterns might me a little difficult. What was I thinking?

This week we are sailing into BLUE.

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Jen said...

So much fun! Hope you are doing well even though life is hectic for you!

Take Care!

Creative and Curious Kids!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea on everything orange. I have a suggestion for you instead of a bean bin make it a spun cotton in and mix things that are orange in it. It would fit very well with the Halloween theme also. I also have mixed plastic bug and spiders in it also. The kids just love this idea.

Keep up the idea,

Anonymous said...

I love you blog! You have so many fantastic ideas that I love to use in my dayhome. I was wondering what kind of pattern blocks these are? They look like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!

Preschool Playbook said...

I checked out the pattern blocks that you see in this article. I had purchased both the pattern blocks and the picture cards from Discount School Supply. I looked and the cards are 9.99 and the blocks are 11.99.

Thanks for reading.