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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beautiful Blue

I know, I know, I'm a bit behind. We are working on black this week and I haven't even posted our blue. We went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch last we so our "blue" experience was a little short. Anyway, here is what we did.

The first page of our book was a whale. Since blue is associated with water alot, I decided we would water color our whale. Some decided the whole paper had to be blue, some thought just the whale. They all did a great job.

Continuing the water them, I had the water table filled with water. First I had put some blue items in the table. Then we went over to discuss how to make the water blue. The first response for both classes was to stir it. So we stirred and stirred, nothing happened. Then some of those "brighties" remembered adding food color to the yellow icing and they suggested that.

Adding the food color was quite fun. We could have done this all day. The patterns each drop left in the water were beautiful. But, we added some color, mixed it up and off they went. I think out of all of them I only had 2 that were REALLY wet. They LOVED this though. It's amazing how far basters can shoot water.

Then we real quickly did our second page which was to decorate the clowns outfit with the blue stickers and color him in.

Here are the book pages:

This week were into black. Also trying to do some Halloween activities. It's good black is a common Halloween color.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Spectacular Spiders

Today we devoted the whole day to those creepy, crawly critters that can be found at every turn this time of year. I even had one drive with me to Wal Mart today--yes he kept his distance! Oh yeah, I'm talking about spiders.

My day was totally planned out for me by two great sites that I have come across in my blogging adventures. Many activities today came from Tara's Bo Curriculum at The Itty-Bitty Bookworm.

Our craft today was from Creative and Curious Kids. I came across this last year and the webs turn out so beautifully. What doesn't look great with glitter on it?

Thanks Tara and Jen for making it a great day.

What did we actually do today? Well first I read a great little book with lots of spider information that I got from The Itty-Bitty-Bookworm Bo Curriculum. Then another activity on there was to make a chart to see how many children were afraid of spiders. I used the chart from the lesson, then had the children glue a colored paper under the correct response.

On one of our tables I had printed out some webs from the plan and wrote a number and amount of dots in the center of the. Since I am working with the three-year-olds. I only did the numbers one through five. Then in the center I had a bowl of plastic spiders and the children put the correct number of spiders in the web.

Finally we made a big spider for the classroom. Again, this came from Tara's lesson plan. We took a large trash bag and had the children stuff it with newspaper. We tied in off and I had cut out eight legs and made two big eyes. After the bag was full we attached the legs and eyes and we had our very own pet spider. Oooooooo.

Jen's glitter spider webs enhanced our day by just the sheer magic of glitter. I gave the children a bottle of glue and let them draw a web. Then they picked their color of glitter and sprinkled it(or poured it) on the glue. After the web was revealed a small spider got added to it. The looks of amazement when that extra glitter falls off will never cease to cause me enjoyment.

We finished the day by reading the book "Itsy Bitsy Spider," by Keith Chapman, illustrated by Jack Tickle. In this story a spider is swooshed by the wind and takes a wild ride from one farm animal to another. I read this last year and it's fun.

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Time to Carve the Pumpkin

A few years ago I found a great way to carve our jack-o-lanterns; I think it was from Family Fun Magazine. I'm sure some of you may know this way, but I thought I would share it.

How in the world can one carve a pumpkin differently? The answer is in the way that you take out the insides. Instead of cutting the pumpkin open from the stem area, we cut a circle in the bottom of the pumpkin to pull everything out.

There is a lot of pumpkin "insides" attached to this spot and they pull out easily. Emptying the pumpkin this way also makes it super easy to light the candle inside--if you're still old-fashioned like me and use a real candle. Plus, the lid doesn't shrivel up and start to fall inside on top of the candle after a few days.

Everything else about the carving is the same, it's just the little twist of emptying it from the bottom instead of the top.

So, we cut a circle in the bottom, and empty out the insides.

We draw a face with a marker and cut out the shapes.

We light a candle.

Then finally place the jack-o-lantern over the candle and he's ready to spook up the night!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Simple Spider

The other day during my lunch break I came up with this very simple, but cute spider. You can make lots in many different colors to decorate the house.

You will need:

4 pipecleaners per spider
google eyes

Take 4 pipecleaners of any color, I used black, and gather them together.

Fold all 4 pipecleaners in half.

Now make a loop at the fold, and then twist the pipecleaners to leave the loop at the top.

Take the eight pieces hanging below the loop and shape them into legs.

Finally add two drops of tacky on the lop sides and glue on some wiggle eyes.

I took one more pipecleaner and twisted it around the top of the loop so that I could hang it.

I think these directions sound complicated, but it really isn't. These can be put together pretty quickly. Have fun.

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