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Friday, September 18, 2009

Friendship Day

I must report to you--NO TEARS! They all came upstairs, we did opening, we played, we ate, we sang, we created. No one cried, and only a couple started asking me, "When is my mom coming?," around 11:00. Can you believe it? I don't think anyone in the afternoon classed even asked me when their mom was coming.

I will tell you the two classes are like night and day. No matter how many years I do multiple classes it always amazes me how different they are. The AM class played, I mean they really played. I think every toy in the room was used. But, it wasn't chaos, it wasn't loud, it was really very good. The PM class was a bit different. I'm not sure if they all had Sugar-O's for lunch, but the decibel level was huge, sometimes I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Their playing was different too. They were more reserved with the toys. I actually spilled some blocks out and started to build to see if I could get those creative juices flowing. They kept coming and asking what they should do next, or what do you do there, etc., a bit unsure in that area.

AM Road Building.

AM taking care of Baby.

PM with the blocks I poured out.

It seems so empty.

Where did everybody go?

Overall though, the day was magnificent. To have your first day and be able to go through the whole routine and discuss things--almost unheard of. I have to tell you though, I was exhausted. This working a full 5 hour day is tough:).

I didn't want to do anything too formal with them. I wanted them to sort of explore their surroundings, and take things in. As did I. We did talk about "friends," and created friendship bracelets to share with our friends.

I read them the book, "How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends," by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague (I love all the How Do Dinosaurs books). I then had pieces of cut up colored straws and pipe cleaners and everyone made a bracelet. Then at the end of the day, they picked a friend's name out of a bag and "shared" their bracelet with a friend. The PM class did well with this, the AM class was a little concerned about giving their bracelet to someone else.

For the bracelets you need:

colored straw pieces

Let the children choose a pipecleaner. Put a loop in one end of the pipecleaner so that they can start stringing straws and they won't fall off. After they are finished stringing on straws, put the other end through the loop and twist--REALLY EASY.

Inspired by the Pre-K teacher's "magic show," I had a watercolor table. I had drawn pictures on pieces of paper and hoped to get a huge reaction when they painted over the drawing. Out of all the children that did the activity, only one painted enough to even notice their was a drawing there. They had fun anyway.

One final thing I had out today was a new toy. They are called Brain Noodles, I think I got them from Discount School Supply. They are like big soft fuzzy pipecleaners. The children could bend them and connect them to create fun things
So that is our beginning. I have to say it was really, really good.

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Miller Moments said...

Yipppeee for a great start and here is to many more wonderful days in your classroom!

DSS Blog Team said...

Hooray! Glad it went so well! What an amazingly fun classroom you have! Thanks so much for using Discount School Supply products. Brain Noodles are awesome! I love those things!
-Laurel from Discount School Supply

Katie said...

Have I mentioned before I wish you could be my kiddo preschool teacher? We like ours, but I'd LOVE you:)