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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Yummy Ladybug

If you notice, the title for this post is similar to the Eric Carle book, "The Grouch Ladybug." I must admit, that I have seen this book forever, but never read it. So, when I stopped into camp today I picked it up to read it. It's an Eric Carle book--what more can I say. A very cute story about a ladybug who tries to be a big shot--reminded me of a bully type story. He goes around asking all the bugs and animals if they want to fight. When they tell him, "If you insist." He always tells them they are too big and goes looking for someone bigger. It's really neat how the text gets larger as the creatures get larger. It's also done using times, and all the pictures have the sun moving to a different area according to the time of day. Finally, he ends up back where he started accepting friendship and being happy.

The craft I have is a ladybug made from an apple. You will need:

an apple
peanut butter or cream cheese

Cut the apple in half from top to bottom. You could get two ladybugs from one apple. I used peanut butter to attach my raisins to the ladybug. I dipped my raisins in the peanut butter--easier than spreading, then stuck them on the back of the apple. (Remember I was out of raisins).

After the ladybugs spots are on, take a marshmallow to use for the head. Push a toothpick into the marshmallow and straight on through to the apple. Now for the antennae, here is where the licorice comes in ( I didn't have licorice). I think black licorice would be best. Take two pieces and push them into the marshmallow. Finally, add two raisins for eyes. I went back and forth with this, Should the eyes be on the top or the front? You will see I settled for the front, but I'm not sure if they look right. Maybe you don't add eyes at all? I'm sure it's up to you.

The last step is to gobble that yummy ladybug up. Enjoy.

They had another tasty snack, but I didn't have any of the ingredients except the peanut butter, but I thought I would pass it along. It was called "Ants of a Stump." You need: a rice cake, raisins, and peanut butter. I'm sure cream cheese would work here too in case of peanut allergies. The idea was to stick the raisins to the rice cake using the peanut butter. All these wonderful ideas are courtesy of the "The Preschool Almanac," by Scholastic.

Anne at Teaching Two has a great edible ladybug too. There's a bit of a difference which I think I like better. Thanks Anne.

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Mama King said...

Cute! My girls love anything animal, bug,sea creature shaped! Plus anything including a marshmallow... makes eating more fun! Thanks!

*Nikki* said...

that is very cute!! I work in a preschool and we are going to try that...the kids will love it!!!

Bobbi & Noe said...


lucky said...

its very nice! i will try this with my kids tomorrow! thanks!

Livin' out loud said...

How cute is that?! And yummy too I bet!!

Anjanette Young said...

Mmmm that looks real yummy.

Melinda@mamabearscubhouse said...

oh me, oh my, that's adorable!! thats the cutest food bug ever!!
sharing your food art has inspired me to share the how-tos of our art, too. thank you:)
do you have any suggestions on what to use in place of peanut daughter can't eat it..?

Anne said...

these are so cute. We made some that I saw in a magazine awhile ago. Maybe I should bring them back!! said...

SO cute, I love these little ladies! I'll be linking.

Ariana Sullivan said...

That's cute. My kids and I haven't read that Eric Carle book either. Sounds like I'll have to check it out soon.

Katie from ABC&123: A Learning Cooperative said...

Hey Trish, just wanted to let you know we added this to our Eric Carle author challenge post for this week. Cute and yummy looking idea!