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Friday, July 17, 2009

What is This?

This past Sunday we had a family gathering for my father's birthday. We're all goofing around, having a good time, then my brothers start coming up to me. They all want to know what my youngest is sitting on the swing creating. So I go over and take a look--not a clue!

So I sit down on the swing with him and watch and talk to him, finally I have to come out and ask: So, what do you do with that? And to my amazement it makes perfect sense and I must tell you I was quite impressed. What is it? From his mouth, "A marble maze."

I have even had the pleasure of playing with this myself for a while. There is no specific beginning or end, but it's fun moving the marble around. I thought if you were interested, you're little one might enjoy making one of these.

I had no hand in the project. All credit goes completely to my youngest.

You will need:

foam plate

Give your child a plate and let them poke as many toothpicks through the plate. Add a marble and have some fun!

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Tracie said...

How creative!!!

Sheena said...

It's amazing what kids come up with. That is so cool!

The Activity Mom said...

Very creative! I would have never thought of that =) Aren't children creative!

Adam said...

Creative genius must run in the family!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

What a great idea! I would really be proud of my little one if he came up with something like that on his own too. We will definitely be creating a "marble maze" this week

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...


melinda@mamabearscubhouse said...

holy moly, thats great!!
my son is ALL about marbles..he will LOVE this idea! thank you for sharing your son's brilliance