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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cone of Hands

I've been in a bit of a craft slump lately. I started feeling badly about not posting any new crafts for a while, so I gave myself a kick in the pants today and pulled out my trustee Hand Shaped Art resource book. I found a few things I thought looked like some fun summer activities.

My first find was an ice cream cone. Who doesn't love ice cream in the summer, or anytime for that matter?

You will need:

construction paper:
brown for cone
another color for ice cream
brown paint

chocolate chips
other color paint

Cut a large triangle shaped like a cone out of the brown construction paper. I thought it would be fun to make a waffle cone. I poured some brown paint on a plate and got my trustee fork. Dip the fork in the paint, be careful not to get too much, I did a couple of times. I found it easy to make all the fork marks in one direction, then go in the other direction. This will make a sort of waffle pattern.

Now what kind of ice cream does your child like? Let them pick the color paper that would coordinate with their favorite ice cream. Have them place both hands next to each other, but hide their thumbs. Trace around their fingers and down around the sides.

Before cutting this out, place the cone on top of the handprint drawing to see where you have to bring the lines down to so that the ice cream will fit in the cone. Draw lines to the cone, pick up the cone and bring the lines down to a point. Now cut out the ice cream.

Glue the ice cream to the back of the cone. Now here is the fun part. Do you have chocolate chip ice cream? Glue mini choco chips to the ice cream. Maybe you like rainbow sprinkles, or any sprinkles for that matter. Paint some glue on your ice cream and shake on some sprinkles. My ice cream was strawberry. I added strawberry shapes by "stamping" with red paint. I actually used a napkin dipped in red paint and stamped onto the ice cream.

Okay, now everyone pile into the car and travel to the nearest ice cream parlor for your favorite cone! Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE hand/foot print crafts!! I'm going to see if my local library has a copy of that book.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

I LOVE that! SO cute! Z would love it

Mama King said...

Cute! I bet I would lov ethat book. We love making things from hand prints. Have you made the lobster yet? So cute. I bet it is in your book.

Anjanette Young said...

That is adorable... My daughter just made a chicken with her hands and went to town decorating it.