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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yeah Mom!

Today was the day. We finished up all our projects and sent everything home. It was a busy day, but I tried to have fun with it too.

On the tables I had out Play Doh, play foam, watercoloring, and some other manipulative games. Our craft was to make a Mother's Day "card" and wrap our presents. The presents were actually the Zinnia plants that we planted earlier. They sure are getting tall. I let each child choose a colored bag and then let them stamp it. We then put the plant inside.

Our card is a cute little tea cup with an herbal tea bag inside. I had made the tea cup on a Printmaster program. I'm not sure where I got the poem. The children write their name, decorate the cup with marker, cut the cup out (I don't cut the saucer), glue the edge and bottom, then insert a tea bag--apple cinnamon was the favorite. We then staple the card to the bag.

The poem reads:

To Mom:

A cup of tea to say thank you
For all the things you've done.
And wishes that the day will bring
You happiness and fun!

Happy Mother's Day!


The best part of the day though was Beach Ball Bedlam. I actually got this idea from a blog I read all the time, Teaching Heart Mom,where she was talking about beach balls at the dollar store. (I didn't actually plan for it to be "bedlam" but oh well. Since our weather has been so lovely:( around here lately, I wanted to let them do something to get out some energy since I knew we wouldn't be going outside again today.

I brought in 6 balls and I let them pair up to hit it or throw it back and forth to each other--this then ensued to running all over the room and grabbing a free ball--good thing the room is big. I then brought out the parachute and we tried to see how many times we could throw them up, hit the ceiling, and then recatch them. Finally, we just put them all in the middle and bounced the around. The LOVED it.

Tuesday we'll have a picnic to celebrate our year and then they are off to bigger and better. We did have a great year!

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Jen said...

The Mom's are going to just love it!
And Yes, from what I observed from your blog- it did look like a great year!

I need to get to bed earlier- can't be on computer late at night like I used to now that baby is taking all of my energy!! Thanks for the congrats. We are very excited.


Barbara Kilburn said...

Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. I'll definitely think of using the teacup/tea card next year with my students. This is such a cute idea!

Michelle said...

Great idea! How did you instruct them as to what you wanted them to do?

I teach a %90 hispanic class and there is always this barrier when I give instructions. I tried to pull out the parachute last month and it was utter chaos!

melinda said...

love these ideas!!