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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pet Theme Begins

Today we started our Pet theme. We usually begin with a bang--a field trip--hurray! The children love those trips. Our trip was about 1/2 mile away at our local PetSmart store. Many of the children have even been there like 100 times, but it's still fun to go with school.

We traveled to the store to see the different types of pets, along with all the many items needed to care for a pet. It's great because there is a veterinarian and grooming department in the store. The children got to see the cutest little puppy coming in for his shots, and a poor Golden Retriever on show getting his nails and hair cut. I don't think the dog was too excited about being on display. I always finish the trip by taking the children in the room where the dogs go to "school." They think it's funny that doggies go to school. PetSmart has some great pictures of their "graduates" up for all to see.

When we arrived back at school we didn't have much time left. I started a project that I will finish on Tuesday. We are making puppy puppets. Today we used paint and Tuesday, we will finish them off. I had a dish of black and a dish of white paint, I also had white or brown lunch size bags. We used a scrubber to paint dots on our bags. We painted both sides of the bag. It does not take very long. Also, make sure you wear old clothes, a lesson I learned the hard way. We will add our finishing touches next class.

I finished by reading the book "Usborne, Lift-the-Flap Pets," by Sarah Khan, illustrated by Jane Burton and Candice Whatmore. This is a really adorable book of some pets and their perks.

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