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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday at Pre-K

I was a substitute aide in the Pre-K class on Friday. I have to apologize, there are no pictures because I didn't think to bring my camera--silly me.

We had a lot of fun. I just wanted to share a couple things the teacher did which I thought were worthwhile. Friday was egg coloring day for this class. Now I have always used that little clear wax crayon that came with the box of dye for extra style. The teacher put out the regular crayons so that the children could color the egg with these before they dyed them. They were BEAUTIFUL. In all my years of dying Easter eggs I never even thought of using regular crayons. They worked really well.

The other thing I wanted to share were a few songs she did with the children that were pretty fun.

The first song was an action song. The children did the actions stated in the song.

Sung to: Did You Ever See a Lassie

Did you ever see a bunny, a bunny, a bunny?
Did you ever see a bunny, that hops so slow?
He hops, and he hops, and he hops, and he hops,
Did you ever see a bunny that hops so slow?
(During this verse the children hop slowly)

Additional verses:
That hops so fast--children hop fast
That hops backwards--children hop backwards
That hops on one foot--children hop on one foot

Feel free to add any fun actions.

Sung to: Bingo

I know a rabbit with long pink ears
And Bunny is its name-0
and bunny is it's name-o.

The teacher wrote the word BUNNY, so that they could see the letters to spell the word. For the next verse, where you take off one letter and add a clap, she erased the B so that all that was left was UNNY.

She also put her hands up on her head and flapped them back and forth during the "long pink ears" line.

Second verse--

I know a rabbit with long pink ears
And Bunny is its name-o
Clap-U-N-N-Y Clap-U-N-N-Y Clap-U-N-N-Y
And Bunny is its name-o

Continue with the song, deleting one letter and adding one clap at each new verse until all that is left is clapping.

The next song was the Bunny Pokey--yes just like the Hokey Pokey, but you put in bunny parts

Sung to: Hokey, Pokey

Put your front paws in, Put your front paws out,
Put your front paws in and you shake them all about
You do the Bunny Pokey and you turn yourself around
That's what it's all about

Add different bunny parts for each verse:

front paws--arms
back paws--feet
big ears--hands on top of head
whole bunny self-whole self

Have fun.

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