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Monday, April 6, 2009

Footprint Ears Bunny

Here's another cute little bunny to add to your collection. Be careful though, there is lots of tickling involved.

For this bunny you need:

12 x 18 construction paper
white paint
small round paper plate
glue/I used tacky

Take a large piece of construction paper and place it vertically. Have the children put glue around the rim of the paper plate and glue it onto the paper, closer to the bottom edge. This pops the face up a bit.

Now give the children various articles to use for the face. I used wiggle eyes, a foam nose and mouth, and some scraps for whiskers. Glue these to the face.

Here comes the tickle part. Have your little one take off their shoes and paint the bottom of one foot white. This took me a little while as the squeals and toe shrinking where very prevalent. After one foot is painted help the child press it on the paper in the bunny's ear position. I thought they might have to stand to do this, but we were able to do it in a sitting position. Clean the foot with a cloth.

Paint the second squiggly foot and do the same as the first. Now you have two ears. The craft had you draw ear shapes around the footprints, but I thought he looked pretty good with just the footprints for ears.

Finally, add the cute little poem to the bottom. It reads: This little bunny will last for years. He is so cute with foot-long ears.

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Mari said...

Too cute, but I can't see doing this with all 17 of my kids. Ack! :)

lexsmama said...

If I would have seen this earlier, my Sunday School kiddos would have had a blast!!! Thanks for sharing.

Sherrie said...

I found your blog over at The Snail's Trails. I think I'll have to follow you as these are some super cute craft ideas. Lovin' the footprint ears bunny. :)